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We have been hard at work on improving Shakespeare Is.  New changes will be unveiled over the next week or so.

The biggest improvement is the development of our interview database.

We are creating a large database of interview segments (about 2-4 minutes on average) taken from our extraordinary array of contributors including:

professors, teachers, actors, directors, set designers, prisoners and others —–

The segments will all be tagged with KEYWORDS and searchable by them

More on this soon!

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Video Excerpt 3

The world of Shakespeare is vast. Perhaps more books have been written about
Shakespeare and his plays, language and characters than any other subject in the world. Nearly every English speaking school in the world teaches Shakespeare, and every year English departments from universities around the world graduate new Shakespeare scholars.

Actors love to perform Shakespeare yet live in fear of performing the Bard’s works well, considering it the highest of acting challenges.

Shakepeare’s plays are produced all over the world—Africa, Japan, China, India, Europe, as well as here in the United States. Festivals and theater companies dedicating parts of their season Shakespeare abound in every state – from the world famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival to the high-profile Public Theater in New York.

But despite the availability and abundance of Shakespeare, many people avoid exposure to the works. Perhaps it’s fear of not understanding the plays or an assumption that it’s “old school” and not relevant.

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Video Excerpt 2

Coming in late 2011, offered free to over 700 public radio stations.

“Shakespeare Is” will be a 6 hour series, produced by Steve Rowland and Dmae Roberts. Between them, Rowland and Roberts have won 4 previous Peabody Awards. The series is now in production, with over 50 interviews completed, and more to come. It will be finished and released in late 2011, and offered free of charge to over 700 public radio stations in the US and to stations all over the world as well.

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In six one-hour shows, “Shakespeare Is“ will be a highly produced documentary series that includes interviews with Shakespearean scholars and Shakespearean practitioners, writers actors and directors.  The purpose of the series is to introduce people of all ages to Shakespeare’s works – the plots, the characters and the language – to demystify these wonderful tales and help people connect with them and love them.  We will see how Shakespeare lives on now, as our story-tellers will be people who are deeply passionate about Shakespeare — directors, actors, writers, scholars, theater people, film and TV people, politicians, prisoners, school teachers, and more.

The series will be based on extensive interviews conducted by Steve Rowland (and Dmae Roberts) – and also make use of monologues, dialogues, and short scenes from Shakespeare’s plays. It will include audio clips of great 20th century theater and film productions.  In the style of our Peabody-award-winning series on Leonard Bernstein, “Shakespeare Is“  will use period documents: deeds, wills, real estate transactions, letters written by writers and scholars over the centuries – all read by actors – to help tell the story.

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