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In six one-hour shows, “Shakespeare Is“ will be a highly produced documentary series that includes interviews with Shakespearean scholars and Shakespearean practitioners, writers actors and directors.  The purpose of the series is to introduce people of all ages to Shakespeare’s works – the plots, the characters and the language – to demystify these wonderful tales and help people connect with them and love them.  We will see how Shakespeare lives on now, as our story-tellers will be people who are deeply passionate about Shakespeare — directors, actors, writers, scholars, theater people, film and TV people, politicians, prisoners, school teachers, and more.

The series will be based on extensive interviews conducted by Steve Rowland (and Dmae Roberts) – and also make use of monologues, dialogues, and short scenes from Shakespeare’s plays. It will include audio clips of great 20th century theater and film productions.  In the style of our Peabody-award-winning series on Leonard Bernstein, “Shakespeare Is“  will use period documents: deeds, wills, real estate transactions, letters written by writers and scholars over the centuries – all read by actors – to help tell the story.


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