Derrick Lee Weedon, Actor

About the interviews

Since 2006, Executive Director and Producer Steve Rowland has been interviewing scholars, theatres and individual artists in the UK, Canada and the United States. Go to any of the sections below to get the best of the interviews.

Professor Rene Weis


Shakespeare Is features some of the top Shakespeare scholars in the world. Many will be featured in the radio programs. We also have top-notch advisers for the entire project that encompasses the radio series, TV programs and our educational outreach.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival


Shakespeare Festival abound in North America and we highlight some of the top festivals in this project. Also featured are some of the oldest Shakepseare theaters in the United Kingdom. We’ll offer up to the minute information about productions around the world. Our interview list of theatre professtionals may be the most comprehensive anywhere.

Sue Patella with a student


K-12 teachers are the backbone of insuring Shakespeare’s plays are taught in the school system. We’ll highlight educators who are doing incredible work keeping Shakespeare alive in young minds. This project also will offer insights and teaching aids to supplement the teaching of Shakespeare as literature and theatre.

Frank X

Independent Artists

Shakespeare Is features numerous artists and scholars not affiliated with an organization.  They come from a wide variety of disciplines and areas of expertise.